Chapel Hill's Finest Franklin Street Sushi and Asian Cuisine

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Franklin street

Phone: (919) 903-9335
Address: 140 W Franklin St. Ste 150 Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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Experienced Chefs

Fusion Cuisine

The Appetizers A Great Way to Start

(1) Pick a Base:

  • Sushi Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Spring Mix

(2) Pick a Protein:

  • Tuna………$3
  • Salmon…..$3
  • Tofu……….$1
  • Tuna/Salmon Mix…..$5

(3) Pick a Bowl…..$9

Soups and Salads Get your Belly Ready
Entrees Made by the Finest Chefs


* You may request the level of hotness on spicy dishes: Medium, Hot, or Thai Hot

Noodles and Drinks


Sashimi / Sushi Combos
Sashimi / Nigiri

One order = 2 Pieces

Sushi Rolls

Special Rolls are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE of equal or lesser value.  Higher price prevails.

Desserts and Sides